FOLIGAIN.N5® Liquid 5% Minoxidil

FOLIGAIN_N5For those with skin sensitivity to alcohol

  • Effectively slows thinning, and helps stop hair loss
  • Stimulates circulation to awaken deadened hair follicles
  • Promotes hair regrowth
  • Low alcohol formula
  • Uses only ultra-pure pharmaceutical grade materials
  • Promotes thicker, healthy hair

FOLIGAIN.N5® MINOXIDIL 5% for Hair Growth

There are hair regrowth products and then there’s FOLIGAIN.N5 LIQUID® MINOXIDIL 5%, the latest in technology for hair regrowth! FOLIGAIN.N5 LIQUID® MINOXIDIL 5% utilizes the highest-purity research-grade materials to deliver the most effective hair loss and hair regrowth treatment on the market.

With a total of 3 bottles (approximately three month supply), FOLIGAIN.N5 LIQUID® MINOXIDIL 5% contains active ingredients shown to help prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth on the scalp in men.

FOLIGAIN.N5 LIQUID® MINOXIDIL 5% ultra-pure works to fight hair loss, specifically for male pattern baldness.

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