Spectral DNC-L (Minoxidil 5%)

Spectral_DNC_LTopical treatment for advanced stages of male pattern baldness

  • Easy-to-apply minoxidil cream
  • The most aggressive topical treatment
  • Promotes new hair growth
  • Delivers advanced ingredients deep below the surface of the scalp
  • Slows down hair loss

Spectral.DNC-L®: Topical treatment for advanced stages of male pattern baldness

  • Unique minoxidil cream form, easy to apply and does not drip
  • The most aggressive topical treatment, powerful and efficient to maintain and stimulate hair regrowth
  • Delivers advanced ingredients deep below the surface of the scalp
  • Protects against harmful effects, slows hair loss, improves follicle vitality and promotes new growth of thicker hair in less time than any other product.

What is Spectral.DNC-L®?

Spectral-L® combines the most recent scientific advances in a powerful treatment promoting hair regrowth. More effective than isolated minoxidil cream administration. More effective than any other drug administered alone. Spectral-L® minoxidil cream is today’s most advanced hair growth treatment, combining all the latest science into one convenient formula to perform through multiple pathways.

Spectral.DNC-L® is a true breakthrough, delivering the most aggressive, powerful and effective topical treatment available to retain the hair you have and re-grow healthy thick hair. Because it contains a broad spectrum of clinically proven compounds, Spectral.DNC-L® is unlike any other over-the-counter product or prescription medication.

How Does Spectral.DNC-L® Work?

In a cream base for easy application without dripping, this potent formula includes laboratory quality Minoxidil, and a patented 5a reductase inhibitor called phytosterol to inhibit dihydrotestosterone production (the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness). Spectral.DNC-L® also includes antioxidants to reduce the effects of free radicals, botanicals to fight against fungal colonization and reduce sebum, retinol to accelerate cell turnover, arginine as a biochemical precursor to nitric oxide, copper peptides to repair hair follicles, procyanidins for their supportive role of epithelial and mesenchymal cells, and other agents whose effects have been proven in clinical use to stimulate hair regrowth for a complete and balanced approach.

Through nanosome encapsulation, Spectral.DNC-L® delivers the most cutting-edge ingredients below the surface of the scalp, deep within hair follicles where they can perform optimally. These tiny micro-spheres of organic liposomes are about 200 times smaller than a human skin cell, but have a similar composition to the skin. Unlike lotions, they are able to penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin and release these active ingredients slowly over time for maximum results.

Launching an attack against baldness, Spectral.DNC-L® includes an army of auxiliary agents including natural botanicals to combat fungal colonization and reduce sebum production, retinol to soothe and calm inflamed skin tissue, along with Aminexil SP94® to strengthen hair roots. Vitamins and essential minerals to nourish hair strands and capsicum to simulate circulation and encourage hair growth.

This coordinated attack makes Spectral.DNC-L® able to reduce free radical damage, slow hair loss, improve follicle health and grows new hair that’s longer, thicker and grows in faster than when using any other product.

Recommended for men with advanced stages of hereditary baldness including those with a number 4 or greater on the Norwood scale.

Spectral-L® is the most powerful, most effective and most aggressive topical treatment for hair loss available.

In short: Spectral-L® helps you keep the hair you have and regrow the hair you lost so you can live the life you really want.

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