FOLIGAIN.F2® Foam Minoxidil 2% (Minoxidil Foam) for Women

FOLIGAIN_F2_bMinoxidil Foam is the first clinically proven treatment shown to result in significant positive activity on hereditary hair loss.

  • One bottle (177ml) (approximately three month supply)
  • For women who have thinning of hair, specifically on the on top of the scalp
  • Slows thinning and may stop hair loss within a few months of use
  • 2% Minoxidil topical foam based solution

FOLIGAIN.F2® 2% MINOXIDIL FOAM for Women is the first hair loss treatment clinically proven to have preventive action on hereditary hair loss.

FOLIGAIN.F2® 2% MINOXIDIL FOAM for Women is a white foam containing 2% minoxidil. This minoxidil foam formula is designed to regrow hair, specifically on the scalp. A simple, painless, clinically proven answer to hair loss.

FOLIGAIN.F2® 2% MINOXIDIL FOAM for Women has been able to help more than 30 million women just like you who have experienced hereditary hair thinning, and it can help you!

The checklist below can help you determine if FOLIGAIN.F2® MINOXIDIL FOAM for Women is right for you.

  • You could call your hair thin, or fine.
  • You’ve cut your hair shorter or changed the style because your hair is not as full as you desire.
  • Your ponytail is getting smaller than it was in the past.
  • You notice your hair in the shower drain, on your pillow, and notice more than usual in your hairbrush.
  • Members of your family have also suffered from hair loss.
  • When you part your hair in the center, the width of the part shows more scalp than it used to.

You may be experiencing hereditary hair loss if you answered yes to two or more of these statements, and FOLIGAIN® MINOXIDIL FOAM for Women could be right for you.

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