NR-07 (Minoxidil 5%)

NR_07Hair Regrowth Treatment

  • 5% minoxidil solution restores the vertex of the scalp
  • The apple polyphenol promotes regrowth in the frontal zone
  • Azelaic acid, oleanolic acid and Serenoa Repens inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha reductase
  • Auxiliaries increase efficiency

NR-07 Hair Regrowth Treatment effectively treats the scalp in full, both vertex and hairline, against male pattern baldness.

  • Biotin and retinol improve metabolism of sebum
  • Lipospheres improve absorption
  • Thousands of volunteers in hundreds of studies have proven the efficacy of minoxidil for men

What is Polaris NR-07?

Polaris NR-07 is part of the new generation of topical treatments that can effectively treat the entire scalp, both vertex and hairline, against male pattern baldness, using minoxidil, apple polyphenol, azelaic acid, oleanolic acid, serenoa repens, and auxiliary agents for optimal results.

Polaris NR-07 contains both the 5% minoxidil for men and apple polyphenol 0.5% plus auxiliary agents that increase the efficiency for optimal results and to help retain and regrow hair on the vertex. Minoxidil solution is a prolonging anagen (growth) of the hair follicles and can also increase the size of the follicle and dilate blood vessels. The breakthrough technology of Lipospheres guide Polaris NR-07 to release the active ingredients deeper into the scalp.

Polaris NR-07 contains apple polyphenol that acts on the forehead to the hairline. The apple polyphenol transmits the recovery activity of free radicals, and provides antioxidant and antifungal effects and anti-allergic activity. In clinical studies, this breakthrough formula proved to promote the in vitro growth of murine hair epithelial cells at a staggering rate of 300% compared to controls.

Who Needs Polaris NR-07?

  • Men and women who lose their hair at the vertex (crown) of the scalp.
  • Men and women who lose their hair at the forehead, (the hairline).

What Causes Hair Loss and Baldness?

  • White men are more likely to become bald, a condition that affects 50% of those over 40 years, but blacks, Asians and women also lose their hair.
  • The hair gradually becomes thinner, shorter and lighter over time – a phenomenon called miniaturization – until they become invisible.
  • Powerful male hormones act on follicles that have a genetic predisposition.
  • Polaris NR-07 opposes hormonal damage in many complementary ways, unlike products that only contain minoxidil solution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I have hair implants, is it possible to use NR-07 to treat androgenic alopecia?

Immediately after a hair implant, you must be especially careful to avoid injury to the scalp and use special shampoos and lotions that are needed. Your doctor will tell you when you can begin to apply other products on your scalp. After the healing period, NR-07 can improve the quality of implanted hair and treat existing hair victims of alopecia, as these existing hairs may continue to drop despite the implants around.

Does NR-07 Have Dangerous Side Effects?

In most cases, NR-07 is well tolerated when used externally by women or men because topical absorption into the blood is minimal. Studies have shown that the majority of users do not experience any side effects. However, because of the content of minoxidil, NR-07 is not recommended for persons with haematology or those taking drugs to lower blood pressure. If unwanted side effects occur, they are immediately reversible if the application of NR-07 is interrupted.

How do I know if I am a Good Candidate for NR-07?

NR-07 is indicated for the treatment of baldness, addressing the main culprits known to cause hair loss. The treatment makes the hair more robust and pushes a greater number of follicles into the anagen phase. NR-07 is very effective for most people. If you have any doubts about your treatment, please consult your doctor.

Does Greasy Hair (seborrheic eczema) Cause Hair Loss?

Oily hair does not directly cause hair loss; however, it can absolutely accelerate hair loss in individuals who already suffer from baldness or hair beginning to be rather flaccid. A greater amount of DHT is found in oily scalps and therefore, it is important to eliminate the oil from your scalp daily by cleansing with a high-quality shampoo.

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